Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas at Joy Ridge

Wow! This “old man” has figured out how to post to a blog! We’re ALL in trouble now!

Christmas 2004 has been wonderful! To start we had our traditional Christmas Eve party at Joy Ridge. It was a joyous time. Aunt Moo made her trademark pizza, Su9 made her world famous dip, Emily made white chocolate covered pretzels and, of course, MC brought her traditional cream cheese and olives and piggies in a blanket. Uncle Terry and Aunt Moo danced to James Taylor’s new Christmas CD along with U John, Aunt Julie and Patrick, MC and PPP and Su9 and Beefdaddy. We were all entertained by Kemp telling the story of the POLAR EXPRESS, John and Grace playing carols on the piano, Carey on the guitar and Eliz’s beautiful voice. U John read Luke’s account of our Savior’s birth. PPP prayed for all. Especially on our hearts were U David and his sweet family who could not attend. We still have not heard a report from the Mayo Clinic and U David remains in our prayers. Also on our hearts were Rich and Jennyjo! We are thankful for the LORD JESUS’ protection over them! They too, are daily in our prayers! The children and I ended the day as in the past, by reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Christmas day was also a great time!! Aunt Julie and I convinced the children to let us sleep until 8:00 am. Of course, as is always the case, she and I were too excited to sleep and were up before the children. God has surely blessed us, and we acknowledge that HE is the source of ALL that we have. MC and PPP, after sending Su9, Beefdaddy and Eliz on their way, finally showed up for breakfast. Aunt Julie “out did” herself again this year with a DELICIOUS meal. Ruth and Marc finally showed up at 2:00 pm. At about 4:30 pm we all headed to Nannie and Pa’s house for a Clendenin Christmas

Know of our LOVE! Let us hear from you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you were having a great time while I was snoozing ! ! ! I do remember one Christmas though that was really a GRAND TIME FOR ALL. It was the Best Christmas that we had had thus far even though David wasn't here ? ? ?

Love, P P P

2:15 PM  
Blogger ~rich said...

I'm very impressed...a member of the 'elder generation' has figured out how to post and even post photos on a blog...amazing!
Christmas sounds like a great time, and Jj and I wish we could have been there...hopefully next year...

7:34 PM  

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