Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas eve party

be careful, you may enter some sort of time warp if you view this photo...

The lady and gentleman who started it all...

what is Marc grinning about? and what is Grace pointing to?
I don't smell anything...

a crazy photo without me? how dare they??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

richard!! this is grace again. we all miss you and jenny a lot. we wish you could have been there for Christmas. we now have proof that the RAINDEER is REALLY a raindeer!! we will send you pics and show you that it is NOT a "christms moose"... well hope you are doing good!!!
your favorite cousin,
p.s. in the pic, marc was making bird noises (weird..) and carey was laughing at him, so thats why i was pointing at him!!)

6:07 PM  

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