Sunday, January 09, 2005

Today Was a Cool Day!

Today was a cool day! At about 1:30 pm, I called MC and PPP and left a message on their answering machine (they weren’t home). The message went like this: “Well you’ll absolutely, never guess who I sat beside at church today!”

The morning started early. Much like any weekday morning. My alarm went off at approximately 6:30 am. At about 6:45, I forced myself out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen to turn on the coffee. As usual, lights were already on in the kitchen. Grace was up too. The fish in the aquarium were hungry, so I fed them. Then I “jumped” in the shower. Grace and I left for church a little earlier than usual. We had a little bit longer trip this morning. Grace, as a member of The Cantabile Singers, was again performing. On this Sunday morning, at Duke University Chapel!

The Cantabile Singers are the most accomplished and advanced division of the Greensboro Youth Chorus. This group is comprised of older middle and high school youth, under the direction of Ann Doyle. GYC has participated in local, regional and international choral events including festivals in England, Germany, British Columbia and the US. Their summer tour will include prestigious performances in London, Paris and Canterbury Cathedral. Needless to say, I am proud of my Grace!

At Duke Chapel this morning, the group was the “guest choir.” They opened the service with “Ave Maria” and “There is No Rose.” The Offertory was “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need.” Finally, the Anthem, “Behold a Rose Now Springing.” The Cantabile Singers were truly wonderful, helping to make the entire experience a very worshipful one.

Anyway, as I was seated, prior to the service, I was contemplating those who had gone before -- those, especially in our family, who had, in times past, worshipped in this magnificent place. My thoughts were on Pa’s children and grandchildren. I looked up and in walked MC's cousin, Libby and her husband, Harry Whitaker! After quick hellos and hugs, I told Libby why I was there. As I was about to point my sweet Gracie out to her, she said “Oh I see her, she looks just like Chachi!”


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