Monday, April 25, 2005

Young Life? Like, duh. Totally!

Uh, whatever. Like, you should totally have been at YL Club tonite. Steph and Brit were valley girls, and they were like totally awesome!

Krista put the Glamour on Orlando...he looks so like Lindsay Lohan!

Is Brandon bleeding? No...Tara is just a little confused...a little too much hairspray tonite (if you know what I mean...)

Will, you might want to get rid of that moustache...I know Sam likes it, but that style hasn't been in since, like WWII.

Wait a minute...are those pancakes? Ahh...that photo is from last night...if you missed pancake night yesterday, don't miss it next week - the best pancakes in central texas (plus they're free!)

Thanks to Chris Trickett too for a totally rad talk about being cool...he totally knows what he's talking about. Campaigners at 8:30pm on Romans 7, and don't be scared...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Who needs gel?

If the world champion speed-walking team Speedy and Zippo isn’t enough for you, I guarantee that the off-the-chain peanut butter hair styling competition will blow your hair back. (literally)
That’s the girls while they were still unstyled - they weren’t this clean for long!
Tom, Zach, Travis, and Dustin are getting their styling products ready.

Betcha didn’t know that Traviswas a serious hair-stylist.
What a line-up. It’s like they’re getting ready for prom or something.
Beautiful. I’m speechless.
If you think this is craziness, wait till Sharp Top Cove ‘05. Yeah.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Almost done with school?


I just spoke with Grace, and can you believe that she may finish school by the beginning of May? What's up with that, and why can't I have the summer off??

Man, that's pretty schweet...I need to get in on that deal.

Oh, check over at Beef always wins for a funny link...I guess that the Idaho legislature is considering a Napoleon Dynamite bill! (that's pretty much the coolest bill ever)

Monday, April 11, 2005


yeah! jennyjo got our wireless router to work, and I'm in the bedroom blogging with no wires is pretty schweet!

anyway, stay tuned, cuz there's lots to catch up on and lots of photos to post...if I remember how!

seeya soon...